Gardenpartyworld Cheats

Updates!!! September 28, 2008

Hello gardeners,

You will be very very happy to hear that THERE ARE UPDATES!Finally after a long long time,their 4 updates!Here are the new updates:

Garden Party World added a scroll bar to messages!

Now the disco game is harder!

If you check in your tree house there are ballons on the wall. Maybe the added the ballons for parties in the treehouse.

Garden Party World added top scores in playden.

You can see the top scores If you click one of the star.

thats all for now, see you in gardenpartyworld

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร


4 Responses to “Updates!!!”

  1. Stewe Says:

    cool site!!!!

  2. penguevr Says:

    nice site, please comment in my site!

  3. Dragon Says:

    I luv this site! But when I went 2 my treehouse, I had No balloons!!!!!!!!!!

    Spiros: Its a bug, I reported it and gardenpartyworld told me that they will fix it soon!

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