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Scurrys?! October 1, 2008

This post is from the official garden party world blog:

Heyyy Gardeners!

Here’s the latest update in the Wonderful World of GardenParty!

A lot has been going on at the TreeTops HQ, and there will be many more additions in the coming weeks… so be sure to keep an eye out.

Many of you noticed the new additions to GardenParty last week. From the small details, like the top score star in the Play Den, to the more extreme changes, like the Disco game! Did you know you can now even send messages to your friends who are not online, and they will receive them when they next login to GardenParty!?

Also… have you heard about the little scurry’s up in space that are waiting to be rescued from a life of solitude and misery? They are cold and alone up there and need someone to take care of them!

If you are thinking, “Scurry? Up in space? There are no scurry’s up in space!”… think again Gardeners… THINK AGAIN!… keep playing the space game and you might be in for a little surprise!

Help me!!

Many of you have been absolutely loving and requesting more and more group activities from the mods! Let us know what your favourite games are! It has been great to get your feedback! Keep it up!

Next update should be coming VERY soon…. Keep your eyes open gardeners!!! =P

VICKY and the GardenParty Team


2 Responses to “Scurrys?!”

  1. justingp Says:

    Hi Spiros,

    Can you add my site on your blogroll?

    See ya,

    Spiros: I added you but I want to add my site to your blogroll too

  2. mriasas Says:

    My favourite game is hide and sheek what about you spiro?

    Spiros:My favourite game is hide and sheek too!

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