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Latest GardenParty BETA News! October 3, 2008

Hi Gardeners,

Here is the latest BETA news from the TreeTops HQ!

Over the past few weeks we have had quite a few new surprises for you!

To name a couple, there was an update to the disco game… you might find it more challenging now!! This went along with some more minor updates such as the top score stars being added to the Play Den.

Today we have an even more exciting update to tell you about, we don’t want to be TOO specific about what has been added as we know part of the fun of GardenParty is waiting and discovering all the different surprises, as well as what will come of your seeds!! BUT we can say there are new bits of furniture and maybe the odd rare surprise somewhere along the line!

Maybe I can give you a SMALL hint… so here it is! The more active you are within GardenParty (playing games, giving gifts and gardening) the more likely you are to come across a special surprise!

On another note, over the month of October, the mods will be choosing a GARDENER OF THE MONTH.

How do you get gardener of the month status, I hear you ask?

Well it can be many things. From being a helpful and friendly player in GardenParty; or someone who hosts lots of great parties in their tree-house, or maybe someone who always takes part in the group activities. It could even be a combination of everything!! If you would like to get involved in choosing who will be the Gardener of the Month, then why not suggest your favourite gardener by mentioning their screen name on the forum.

That’s all for now Gardeners… Keep growing your own fun!

VICKY and The GardenParty Team.


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