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New seeds and items! October 5, 2008

Hello gardeners,

Garden party world added new seeds for your house. The new seeds are: cuckoo clock, hat stand, bird stand, zebra rug, stereo, speaker, jukebox, telescope, lava lamp, round chair and wardrobe. Here is how the new seeds look like:

Garden party world added also new items!The new items are: Princess Hat, Gardener Hat, Ascot Hat, Nerd Specks, Paper Bag Hat, Brown Shades and black mask!Look at the picture to see how to get these new items:

thats all for now, see you in gardenpartyworld

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร


5 Responses to “New seeds and items!”

  1. Jonny Says:

    Great update! I wonder how many guys got these items without your guide!?

  2. fungi160 Says:

    I got paper bag!

  3. fungi160 Says:

    I can’t seem to get paper bag…

  4. kairins Says:

    cool post!!!!!!

  5. Steven Says:

    Wow – looks like you spent a long time on this. I’ll send you a gift!

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