Gardenpartyworld Cheats

200 update October 24, 2008

Hello gardeners,

The update 200 came , and the new updates are:

  • There are 2 new decorative seeds that you can buy them in the shop. The new decorative seeds are the right window and the left window for your treehouse who cost 200 orbs
  • The lazy lagoon now is animated
  • The water wheel isnt animated now

Here is a photo who is showing how the new decorative seeds look like:

In other news When we got 1000 gardeners hits it will be a contest for 9999 orbs and it will be also a party, so keep visiting my site please 🙂

thats all for now, see you in gardenpartyworld

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร


One Response to “200 update”

  1. bluesweden Says:

    Hey i need help signing up when i am on the name your chachter page i enter a name like salt or winter or bluesweden and it says undefined????? what does that mean and please answer me back! thank you

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