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Spiros the Frankaistin! November 2, 2008

Hello gardeners,

Yesterday I was in gardenpartyworld and I was buying and selling items in the shop. Suddenly a moderator frankaistin came and I said to it to lend me to use the franakaistin suit  for 5 minutes and he lend me! Here is some pictures of me in the franakaistin suit:

thats all for now, see you in gardenpartyworld

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร


5 Responses to “Spiros the Frankaistin!”

  1. fungi160 Says:

    LOLZ maybe available NEXT halloween

  2. little wolf Says:

    lol im only is 1 pic keep updatin spiros! –

  3. xanapc Says:

    WHAT are those blue mod hats!?

    Spiros: The blue mod hats are for the gardener of the week like you

  4. arctic89cp Says:

    Dude I cant login again 😦

  5. 5pyro5 Says:

    you are banned?

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