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Swap availble and new home sign November 19, 2008

Hello gardeners,

You can now trade items, furniture and seeds with other Gardeners!To swap item, click on swap button on left hand side of menu bar, click on item you wish to trade and click swap. Wait for any gardener who wants to trade, than you will see picture above. You can add more items you wish to trade by clicking on items. You can also click on other people’s “Swap Bubbles” to trade with them


Also there is a home sign in space but it is not working,but it is going to work soon!


thats all for now, see you in gardenpartyworld

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏


2 Responses to “Swap availble and new home sign”

  1. gem65 Says:

    Nice site!

    ~casadia12~ *stay coolio* ^check out mine :D^

  2. sami Says:

    hi how do you clown the items plz thanks you have 8 devil costumes

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