Gardenpartyworld Cheats

INFO September 27, 2008


To find out about what there is to do in Garden Party and look at some great pictures of the gardeners in action, read on!!

Garden Party is full of fun activities and games which players can take part in individually, in a team, or even against one another. By taking part in the various activities, you get rewarded by earning orbs. With orbs, you can visit the Buzz Market, mingle with your friends, and compare items, you can then even buy and sell special or rare ones.

As you set out on your adventure around Garden Party World, you begin in Timber Town, the friendly hub of the world. From here there are many places to go on to: Lazy Lagoon, Jungle Falls, Buzz Market, the disco, and your very own garden! But first, check out that juicy looking tomato! Tomatoes can be good and bad: good ones give you orbs, but the bad ones can get stuck to your head. Uh oh! A countdown has begun! Find another player and run over to them and pass them the tomato. The one who has the tomato on their head when it explodes will lose some of their orbs!


Hop on down to the underground disco cavern and join all your buddies whilst you show off your great dance moves. Work in a team to get the dancing game started and see who can dance the best!


If the hot sun is getting too much for you, why not go for a paddle in the beautiful tranquil lagoon. If you keep a close eye out you might see a fish swim up to the surface, quickly swim over to him as a big school of fish will be swimming by at that moment. You can go fishing and quickly earn some orbs. The bigger the fish the better of course!!


Paddle through the tunnel over to Splash down. If you see an item like a jigsaw piece high up in the sky, why not fly up there to get it? – How do you fly, you ask? – good question, well If you visit Willy in the shop, you might discover a special seed which will help you take flight!


From splash down, you can then walk through to the jigsaw cavern and drop off the piece of the puzzle that you found. You are one step closer to finishing the puzzle! If you work in a team, the puzzle will be completed in no time!


Here you will discover a secret portal to take you up to space! This is only possible though if you complete the painting on the wall. A secret doorway will reveal itself which will take you to the launch pad. Team work is the key to completing the task. Watch out though, only the first three into the shuttle can go up to space, the rest will have to wait for the rocket to return back to the Garden Party launch site.


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