Gardenpartyworld Cheats

Cheats and Glitches December 11, 2008

Have an emoticon above your head for a lot’s of time

  1. Open your emoticons list, click an emoticon you want
  2. Open the emoticons list  and click the same emoticon, you clicked before again for another 3 times
  3. Now you will have an emoticon above your head until you log out(NOTE: remember dont say something because you will lose the emoticon)

Swap cheat

  1. Go to your garden
  2. Go to the middle of your garden press swap a random item
  3. Open map
  4. Go to the room that your item that you swaped is on the room
  5. Now you are doing the swap cheat!

How to write with cool letters in gardenpartyworld

  1. Visit
  2. Write in the text what do you want to say in the game
  3. Copy the letters from the text which is down
  4. Paste it in the speech bubble and press enter
  5. Now you are saying something in cool letters( example of hello: нєℓℓσ,нello,hεllø,h3110,ђєll๏,ĤĔĹĹŐ,サ∑レレ◊)

Pet flying cheat

  1. Get out your pet
  2. Fly in the background
  3. Your pet now must flying with you too!

4 Responses to “Cheats and Glitches”

  1. crazy monkey Says:

    it frezez to muc the gay shit

  2. luyil Says:

    In the “How to write with cool letters in gardenpartyworld” cheat, you could just go to the start menu and click run then type in charmap

  3. penguevr Says:

    i found out mostly all of them so there should be credit to me cuz i tell you

  4. nana Says:

    ok wow umm fake there all fake well at least the 1z i tried!!!!!1

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