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HELP September 28, 2008


How do i fly?

This is a feature exclusive to our special members. You must buy a bee Seed from Willy in the shop. Plant and grow the seed in your garden. Once the seed has fully grown, click on the item and it will go into your clothes menu. If you place the mouse over the sky, a bee icon will appear. This means you can fly and reach all those things high up in the sky!.

How do I play conkers?

This is another feature only accessible to the special members. Find the conkers high up in the trees. You might need to fly if you want to reach it. The conker icon will then appear in your games drop down menu. By clicking on the icon, you will see a conker appear above your head. Wait for someone else to click on it, you will then play against your opponent. You will then see a moving cursor, do your best to click on the arrow just as the moving cursor moves past. The closer to the centre, the better.

How do I chat?

With standard chat, you can simply begin typing whilst playing, then press enter and a speech bubble will appear above your head. With pre-scripted chat you have to click the speech bubble icon at the top of the page (next to the typing box in the centre) and a list of greetings and phrases will be displayed. Click the most appropriate one for what you want to say.

What are orbs and how do I get them?

Orbs are the currency used within Garden Party. You can use your orbs to buy seeds to grow in your garden, and pets to look after. Orbs are earned by taking part in lots of activities and games. The more you take part in, the more orbs you will earn!

I have seen people with pets, I want one!!

Well firstly, pets require lots of looking after and nurturing, so you must be sure you are ready to look after one. Once you are sure, you have to earn lots of orbs in order to buy a pet in the shop..

How can I get on the high score board for fishing?

It’s a mixture of luck, speed and keeping a steady hand! As quickly as possible, pull the fishing rod down in a swift motion and hold it there. If you move the mouse ever so slightly, the rod will move and that will scare the fish!


I will make tutorials soon…

You will be able to come here to discover more about different parts of the game. Here is a sneak preview into what you will be able to find here!
Pets – Discover the great things you will be able to do with your pets
Character – Find out how to customise your character to look just how you want!
Your garden – Find out about all the exciting things you can do and grow in your garden!
The shop, Seeds, and Buzz Market – You can find out what you can do in the Buzz Market, and how to buy and use what you buy.
Navigating – Learn the best or quickest ways to move round Garden Party
Orbs – Discover how to collect orbs as well as what you will be able to do with them…
Friends and Friends list – learn how to add friends and send them gifts!
Green Finger Gazette and Message Board –
MInigames – You can find screen shots and hints on how to get the best score in the games.
Secrets – Find out about the best ways to discover great secrets in GardenParty here!
Special roles – Learn about the special roles you can play to help keep GardenParty fun and safe for everyone in the game.
Safety – Safety is a top priority. To get some quick but important facts on internet safety look here.
Your Account – If you have forgotten your password, or are not sure about something to do with your account, look here!


One Response to “HELP”

  1. Fungi160 Says:

    One question- do you need to take care of your pets like; feed them and stuff? If do, How do I do it?

    Spiros: No , you can’t feed your pets or wash them like in cp.

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