Gardenpartyworld Cheats

Moderators September 30, 2008

  1. Steven
  2. Jonny
  3. Seth
  4. Ken
  5. Vicky
  6. Leigh
  7. Marsupial
  8. Rojo
  9. Marianne
  10. Jamesbond
  11. Zeltia
  12. Seymour
  13. Paddy

11 Responses to “Moderators”

  1. Blaze Says:

    ive never seen seth or vicky before


  2. crabpc Says:

    Nice page!

    See ya,

  3. jo3ct Says:

    Hey I never new seth was a moderater!!i thought he was a normal user like us. do you no vicky she neverrrrrr goes online i swear down!!!

  4. fungi160 Says:

    Is Jesse a mod?

    Spiros: No, Jesse isnt a moderator

  5. emirclubpenguin609 Says:

    Cool page!
    -Salak(Garden Party World Account : EMIR )

  6. xana Says:

    dont you think Bethany is a mod she is just like one

  7. cresty09 Says:

    seymour is my friend how to be a moderator

  8. Celine Says:


  9. manis14 Says:

    I forgot Liza she is a new mod and is my friend

  10. manis14 Says:

    Sorry for double posting but i meant You not I

  11. stevenboci Says:

    ABOUT $ JIMBO and mrhelp

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